Why Do We Write

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

by John Matthew Walker

Do you ever feel so excited about something you can't help but share it?

Ever hear something that inspires a thought you simply cannot escape? It's like a song that pops into your head and you hear it over and over in your mind throughout the day.

A familiar smell sparks a memory. Mom. Grandma. That awful day in the hospital.

A fresh cup of coffee. A perfume you remember from somewhere but can't place it.

You pass someone in a car that reminds you of your grandfather's.

You watch a movie that triggers a thousand unrelated thoughts.

The ideas build up inside you like steam rumbling beneath a cast iron lid.

And all at once, you have to get those ideas out.

You type. You write. You try to find that blasted voice memo app your daughter showed you.

You get the ideas out before they disappear.

You get the ideas out, so you can share them.

For every person who writes there are thousand different reasons, but the number one reason is for a reader. Many may read the words, but if just one feels that blast of fresh air in their lungs from a fresh thought, an inspiration, a wow moment, then the writing is worth it.

We write to share. We write to inspire. We write to heal.

We write for all kinds of reasons and sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

But no matter what we write or why, when we write we become part of a much larger story and we open tiny windows into our souls, into our minds. And we share a piece of our heart with the world.

God bless you in your reading and your writing.

May these words be a seed planted in the soul of this group, a starting point, a bud, an inspiration to prompt more and better and life-changing writing.

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