Brace yourself. Soaked to the skin. Waves slapping your face. Feet sliding on the shifting deck. You scramble to grab hold of something—anything. Gut wrenches. Heart cries out. Dear God, don't let me die.

You can't stop the tears, the shaking. There is no one to save you.

Or is there?

Where is God? Where is your savior?

Is he there? Is he real?

Does he care—at all?

Or is he asleep in the stern, and the rudder is unmanned. You're drifting at sea, unsure of which is worse, drowning in fear or actually drowning. But this storm of life is taking its toll, and our hero needs to wake up and calm the sea.

Or he needs to awaken that strange peace within us—that stillness in the midst of the storm. Because storms will rage against us and within us. They will drown our hopes and bruise our souls, but we have so much more than a sturdy ship, more than an anchor. We have the savior of the world resting unaffected yet ready to command the wind and waves and welcome the calm we need.

Sometimes he calms the storm. Sometimes he calms us.


Heartland Christian Writers is embarking on a new project.

Overcome is the title of our upcoming anthology—a compilation of true stories

of hope—of feeling overcome but rising above the storm. Sometimes we overcome. Sometimes we feel overcome. It's not easy. It's never easy. But we are never alone.

Our savior spoke these words to his friends before the worst of times. Their message of hope still holds true for us.

"In this world you will have trouble, but take heart. I have overcome the world."


Stay tuned to our blog as we build our anthology. And feel free to send us your comments—even suggestions or personal stories of overcoming that we might consider for this project.

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